Adrian Sherwood

Aeon, walnut finish, fabric dome tweeter

We are proud to tell you that Adrian Sherwood uses our active studio monitors AEON (fabric dome tweeter) at his studio. We know that this info given like that might sound a bit straightforward, but this is great experience for us. Many thanks Adrian.

Steve Forward

AEON, red high gloss finish, titanium tweeter

Back in the early eighties I purchased my first ever pair of near field studio monitors, manufactured by a famous Japanese company, they rapidly became the world wide reference for mixing and recording.


AEON - black finish, fabric

Raw uncluttered sound, no coloration. Incredible!

Jacek Gawłowski

AEON grey zebrano, fabric, custom JG edition

As a mastering professional I pay special attention to details and I need appropriate tools to let me hear and adjust them when necessary. APSs give me this opportunity.

Oleg "Yorshoff" Yershov


Coax truly be called a surgical instrument - the slightest response immediately starts to itch over the ear and makes us work even harder to remove all unwanted frequencies from instruments in mix.

Joachim Krukowski

AEON dark walnut, fabric

AEONs proved to be extremely accurate tools during long hours of mixing in studio. They are suitable for various kinds of music, so I can use them being confident that final results are exactly what I expected.

Chris Hampshire

AEON, black finish, titanium

We tested a large number of monitors before finally hearing the Aeon's and the first thing that struck us was the detail and clarity in all three areas; bass, mid range and treble. Other speakers had performed well in one or two areas but the Aeon's passed with flying colours on all three counts.

The London Sound Laboratory

AEON, red high gloss finish, fabric dome tweeter

APS monitors at the London Sound Laboratory! So, what exactly is The London Sound Lab? Quite simply, it is a room housing a rare and splendid collection of the wacky, the weird and the wonderful – vintage recording gear and analogue synths ready, waiting and willing to translate creative ideas into reality.