SpeaMic Handmikrofon mit eingebautem Lautsprecher 5 Watt

 Bild Mikrofon mit Lautsprecher
inkl. 8.0 % MwSt.
"SpeaMic"  Mikrofon mit eingebautem 5W Lautsprecher.  Akku-Batteriebetrieben (Akku für 6 Stunden Betrieb inklusive) 
Lieferumfang:  SpeaMic, Lanyard,  Ladegerät 220V, 3000mAh Akku, Tasche.

Dieses Mikrofon funktioniert etwa wie ein Megaphone und verstärkt Ihre Stimme 3-fach ohne Echo und ohne Rückkopplung.
Perfekt um eine Gruppe von Personen anzusprechen ohne schreien zu müssen! (Bis 30 Personen können so angesprochen werden).
Gewicht: nur 280g . 25cm Länge.
Lieferbar ab Dezember 2017,
SFr  276.90


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The SpeaMic, is an all in one battery operated microphone, which has it’s own powerful built-in speaker. It provides a clear and powerful sound for small gatherings of up to thirty people. The SpeaMic is provided with a speaker with a sound reflector that spreads the sound forward into the space. In addition, a feedback suppressor ensures that the microphone does not use the sound that comes out of the speaker (so it will prevent, you hear an echo). It’s a quick and easy way to transfer your message to a group of people.


SpeaMic All in One Microphone

The SpeaMic All in One Microphone amplfies your voice by approxamatly three times, to give you that extra boost to be heard in small to medium enviroments, with-out the need for extra equipments like a wireless microphone receiver, amplifier, speaker box and all with-out a single cable.

Set-up time is non-exsistant, just pick-up the SpeaMic, turn on and start talking; Thats it!


  • Tour guides to speak to his guests
  • Teachers for presentations
  • Conferences for presentations
  • Indoor and outdoor presentations
  • Tours in a business building or fabric / plant
  • Product presentations
  • Seminars
  • Church


Summarized; the SpeaMic the best combined speaker and microphone in a device:

  • Compact
  • Perfect sound
  • Easy address a large group of people without voice upliftment
  • Perfect sound
  • Light in weight
  • Ergonomic


  • Max Power Output 5 Watts
  • Frequency Response 300Hz~15KHz ± 2dB
  • Hours of Battery use 18650 type – 2800mA 6hours
  • Charging Time 5hours(Basic Charger)
  • Charger 18650type Battery 1CH charge (5V/650mA)
  • Battery 18650 lithium ion battery (2800mA)
  • Weight and Size 280g / Length 25cm  / BOX Size (44 * 30 * 22cm)