Mini XLR Tiny QG Cable Connectors male & female


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Switchcraft TiniGQ

  • Miniature version of the standard XLR series.
  • Diecast or Precision machined metal housings.
  • Metal cable clamp supports cables from 2mm to 3.5mm (0.078" to 0.137")
  • Stamped socket contacts
  • Precision machined pin contacts.
  • Solder cup or Printed Circuit board contacts.
  • Available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 contacts
  • Positive Latchlock
  • Flexible cable grommet
  • RoHS Compliant
Description Variations Part Number Price/pc 1-9
CHF exkl. VAT

 Male cable connector, Machined contacts, Nickel finish.
3 pole AG3M 6.45
4 pole AG4M  7.05
5 pole AG5M 7.75
6 pole AG6M 8.65

Female cable connector, Stamped contacts, Nickel finish.

3 pole AG3F 5.95
4 pole AG4F 6.75
5 pole AG5F 7.35
6 pole AG6F 8.35
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G Type

Mini XLR Cable Connectors


Amphenol’s plugs and sockets range continually expands to meet the needs of our customers. The Miniature XLR range was a natural progression from our standard XLR series as demand for smaller interconnects increased.

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Nickel Finish

Machined Contacts
3 Pole AG3M Drawing
4 Pole AG4M Drawing
5 Pole AG5M Drawing
6 Pole AG6M Drawing


Nickel Finish

Stamped Contacts
3 Pole AG3F Drawing   3D
4 Pole AG4F Drawing
5 Pole AG5F Drawing
6 Pole AG6F Drawing
Stamped Contacts / Locking Ring
3 Pole AG3FL Drawing   3D
4 Pole AG4FL Drawing
5 Pole AG5FL Drawing
6 Pole AG6FL Drawing
  • Miniature version of the standard XLR series
  • Diecast or Precision machined metal housings
  • Metal cable clamp
  • Precision machined pin contacts
  • Stamped socket contacts
  • Solder cup or Printed Circuit board contacts
  • Postive latchlock
  • Flexible cable grommet
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