Zylia Music Set

ZM-1 Immersive Surround 3D Mikrofon

ZYLIA MUSIC Set For Musicians

ZYLIA is the world’s first Portable Recording Studio that allows you to record entire 'sound scenes' with only one microphone and then separate the individual sound sources from the recording. ZYLIA Basic Set consists of ZM-1 microphone array and ZYLIA Studio software. ​It is designed for musicians who desire to easily record their music with a very good quality and prepare great mixes with just a few clicks.



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Zylia 1 Basic Set:
ZM-1 Mikrofon
Studio Software

Zylia 1 Music Set:

  • High quality audio recording reproducing the spatial of sound scene
  • 19 microphone omnidirectional condenser capsules distributed on a sphere
  • LED ring status indicator informing about recording status
  • 48 kHz / 24 bit recording
  • USB connectivity making the process of recording easy
  • Recording -  ZYLIA Studio software or any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 
  • Desktop application for MAC, Linux and Windows
  • Record, create, and store your recordings
  • Extract individual instruments into separate tracks
  • Create a balanced recording by mixing individual instruments or use AUTOMIX option
  • Produce stereo tracks in WAV (wave format 48 kHz up to 32 bits)
  • Export tracks into any DAW software
  • Free software updates

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Sept. 2021
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