Paul C Buff The CyberSync™ 2.4 GHz Radio Remote Control System


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Europe Export shipping is CHF 18.00 flat fee for 1pc up to 6 modules,
Swiss Domestic shipping is CHF 13.50 flat fee for 1pc  up to 6 modules
ROW Shipping fees, pls ask for a quotation.

Cybersync Wireless Systems          Factory Direct Net Export Price w/o VAT

Transmitters (Transmitters require a receiver)

CyberSync™ CST

CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter

CHF 49.90

Receivers (Receivers require a transmitter)


CyberSync™ CSR+

CyberSync™ AC Powered Trigger Receiver

CHF 49.90


CyberSync™ CSRB+

CyberSync™ Battery-Powered Trigger Receiver

CHF 49.90


CyberSync™ CSRB

CyberSync™ Battery-Powered Trigger Receiver

CHF 59.90