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Lexicon® DD-8 Multi-room Amplifier

The DD-8 provides more than twice the output power of a typical multi-room amplifier and does so in a
chassis only one-third the size and less than one-fifth the weight of a traditional Class-A/B design. The
advantages are obvious. With 125 watts of power available at each channel, the DD-8 offers significant
amounts of control over the loudspeakers in a system rendering an audio presentation with life-like clarity
and dynamic capability and maintaining performance over long cable runs. The one unit rack height and
flat-stack capability mean you can get more power in less space saving 10 rack units in a 48-channel
system. You’ll also take out an average of more than 100 pounds of weight and a significant amount of
heat from the system component rack.

• Multi-patented DriveCore Amplifier Technology
• 8 channels each with 125W into 8-ohms, All Channels Driven
• High-efficiency, Quiet Convection-cooled Design
• Local/Bus RCA Input Selection and Independent Channel Output Level Controls
• 12V Trigger Input/Output and Signal-sensing Channel Inputs
• Power Save Low-power Consumption Standby Mode (Less than 0.5W)
• Front Panel Standby Power Switch and Channel Status with Indicator LED’s
• Short-circuit and Thermal Protection Circuitry
• Lightweight Chassis Only One Rack Space (1U) High
Output Power: 125W per RMS per Channel into 8 ohm from 20Hz-20kHz
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz+0dB/-1.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): Less than 0.05% at Full Rated Power 20Hz-20kHz
Signal-to-noise Ratio: <-105dB Below Rated Full Power A-weighted
Crosstalk: 1.12 volts for 125W out into 8 ohms
Gain: 29dB
Input Impedance: 100K ohms typical
Trigger Input: 5V minimum-15V maximum DC
Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.1” (w/ feet) /1.7” (w/out feet) x 17.3” x 14.9”
5.4cm (w/ feet) /4.5cm (w/out feet) x 43.8cm x 37.8cm
Weight: 9.2 lbs (4.2 kg)
Power Requirements: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 190W

Lexicon® DD-8 Amplifier
The Lexicon DD-8 redefines the state-of-the-art for multi-room distributed audio
applications. Taking advantage of HARMAN’s pioneering DriveCore™ amplifier
technology, the DD-8 delivers eight channels of 125W each in a chassis only one
rack space high. The foundational DriveCore circuitry seamlessly integrates the
amplifier drive stage into the power output stage fusing everything into a chip the
size of a dime. With five patents applying to the advanced feedback, modulation
and output stage technologies, DriveCore’s front-end drive circuits leverage the
inherent efficiencies of Class D designs while delivering the audiophile performance
of advanced AB designs.
The 90%+ efficiency of the DriveCore stage means everything stays cool and no fan
is required so your equipment racks stay ultra-quiet. Plus the DD-8 meets the future
0.5W low power consumption ratings and in fact uses less power during normal
operation than many traditional amplifiers do at idle. While this much efficiency
and power is indeed impressive, it is nothing without control and in this respect the
DD-8 delivers with a full-complement of features including local and bus inputs,
stereo/mono selection, channel output level controls and system triggers.
More Power. Less Space.
With the DD-8, Small is the New Big.