CL200 call Light activation

The CL200 provides call light activation on the WS200 Wireless Speaker Station and an audible call signal to all BP200 Beltpacs and WH200 All-in-One Headsets on a DX200 Base Station. The CL200 can plug into the Two-Wire Interface using Clear-Com or RTS modes or the Aux Input (using Clear-Com mode on the CL200) on a BS200 Base Station. The CL200 is battery powered by two nine-volt batteries for up to 1,000 activations and features a front panel high intensity LED for local call light confirmation. Male and Female XLR connectors on the rear of the CL200 allow users to loop the two-wire system through the CL200. If a two-wire system is connected to the CL200 and a user activates a call light on the two-wire system the signal will activate the CL200, providing a call signal to the WS200 and (an audible call to) other users on the DX200 system