Tempest 2.4GHz 4-Channel Wireless BeltStation (CE)

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Product Details

Model/Part #:TMP-R424-EU
  • 2.4GHz, license free operation
  • Dual Talk/Listen operation
  • Backlit LCD screen shows battery life,RF signal strength, and more
  • Stage Announce Output with relay closure
  • 5 individually assignable relay closures at BaseStationLithium-Polymer Rechargeable battery (or 3 Alkaline AA batteries)
  • Weather-resistant enclosure
  • RoHS compliant
  • Roaming Features:
    • Seamless Roaming of BeltStation between BaseStations
    • Supports Normal, Shared, and Split modes
    • Scalable architecture allows for seamless linked roaming zones
    • Seamless handoffs between roaming zones are automatic

The Tempest®2400 wireless 4-Channel BeltStation operates in conjunction with the Tempest2400 BaseStations. Each Talk button has individual LED indicators. The Talk button can be latching or momentary. The Call button sends a 2-wire compatible call signal to any wireless BeltStation and any hardwired intercom device on the intercom channel. BeltStations are provided with a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery capable of 9 hours of operation or can be powered by (3) Standard AA Alkaline batteries. Each BeltStation has its own back-lit display and menu functions which allow settings to be changed at the BeltStation locally.

4-Channel: Each BeltStation user may simultaneously Talk/Listen on A or B and C or D or toggle between A and B or C and D in “Single Listen” mode. Volume is set the by rotating the CH A/B or CH C/D rotary control.
*4-Channel Audio: Talk on two of the four channels (A or B and C or D)

Each full-duplex BeltStation establishes a unique audio path (point-to-point) with the associated 2- or 4-channel BaseStation delivering an individualized mix minus signal to other BeltStations in the system. Therefore, each BeltStation can monitor a unique mix of intercom channels and other audio sources.

The BeltStations are made of a weather-resistant ABS co-polymer blend with a high performance polyurethane over-mold.

Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming is the ability for Tempest2400 BeltStations to move freely from one BaseStation to another without any intervention from the end user. This allows the implementation of a Tempest wireless intercom system which can cover large areas with multiple zones or areas in a facility that would not be adequately supported by a single antenna installation. A BeltStation can roam between as many as 16 different BaseStations (coverage areas or zones).

* Only EU models are compliant with CE/ETSI standards